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Not only can a raw diet be particularly beneficial for cats and dogs with allergies, sensitive digestion, low appetite & skin issues it has numerous other positive effects on the body I am sure you will notice within weeks. All of these things combined makes for less trips to the vet and a longer happier life together with your furchild. 

Enhanced digestion & smaller stools

One of the glorious benefits to raw feeding! All natural ingredients are digested more completely than cooked grains and meat. This means less waste! Raw fed pets have very small poops that do not smell terrible. These makes for easier clean up! 

Balanced lean body mass

Raw food has no preservatives or fillers. Its also more satisfying so your pet should fill up faster and feel more satisfied. Its like home cooked food for your pet. 

Healthy skin & a shiny coat 

Vitamins and minerals are in a natural form. Calcium and phosphorus are in perfect balance. Added Omegas in their natural state mean you should notice less “wet dog”  or 'yeasty'. The coat should look less oily and feel much softer. Animals will often detox through their skin which is why so many pets have greasy smelly coats and ears.

Balanced tempermant

Chewing on raw meaty bones provides great exercise for the jaw, neck, forearms & shoulders. This kind of exercise is especially beneficial for growing puppies. Chewing is also very relaxing for dogs, it can be compared to meditation or a “runner’s high.” This is a great stress reliever for dogs & you will often find that after eating a raw meaty bone that takes a bit of work your pup will be all tuckered out.

Strong bones & joints

The crippling effects of arthritis & bone disease is all to common. Some of these effects are largely due to diet. Diets high in carbs & low in essential fatty acids can lead to increased inflammation and hence worsen arthritis symptoms. Studies are showing certain foods high in essential fatty acids & omega fatty acids decrease inflammation thus easeing suffering. Raw diets are full of these nutritional benefits. Bone disease begins with puppies & kittens. Before an animal is fully grown their bones are soft and vulnerable to excessive force and incorrect nutrition. 

Better oral hygiene 

They say dental disease is one of the leading illnesses in dogs & cats. We all know "dog breath"  If your dog or cat has stinky breath that means that they are suffering from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can also cause other problems in the body due to the constant presence of bacteria in their system. You will truly be amazed at the difference in your pets oral health after switching to a raw diet.