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About Revy Raw 

Hi, Im Chelsey. Owner/Operator of Revy Raw Pet Food Delivery and Dog Sitting. I have always loved animals - especially dogs. It wasn't until a few years back however, that I really started to get into what really matters to your pets health and wellbeing. In 2016 my beloved bullmastiff needed a major surgery at only a year old. I took the advice of a friend and switched her to a raw diet to get her in optimal shape and weight for the surgery. I didn't really know to much about this so called 'BARF/raw/species appropriate' diet at the time but I was desperate for my puppy to pull thru surgery with minimal setbacks. Therefore I did what most on google. I spent days researching and I made the switch with little confidence of what I was doing at the time. In the end I know I made the right decision. I see the way diet helped with a speedy recovery post op, I see the positive changes in her health - silky soft coat, flake free skin, less smelly ears and breath, tons of energy and I love the way the vet admires her and comments on what a great weight she is at every visit. When the lady I purchased my dog food from said she would no longer be offering it I knew I had to do something to keep this option open for Revelstoke. Revy Raw come to be. In June 2019 I completed the DMN University 'Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist' course and I continue to learn new things everyday and look for new or better products for our dogs. 

Long live the dog!